Dear participants, for your comfortable stay in St. Petersburg, we have prepared the most up-to-date information for those who visit this wonderful city for the first time, and for those who became its permanent guest.
How to get to city centre:
Public transport
City buses number 39, 39Ex and Minivan Taxi number K39 run between the nearest Moskovskaya metro station and the airport. More information
If you need help, you can call to technical organizer of Conference –
CTO Congress
The second largest metro after Moscow is the Petersburg metro. It is also the deepest in the world by the average depth of the stations. Many stations have unique architectural and artistic design. Currently, there are 5 lines of subway, the total length amounts to 113.6 km. Number of stations - 67 (among them 7 interchange nodes).
11 stations are combined with railway stations, train stations or platforms. The system includes 74 lobbies, 263 escalators, 6 travolators and 856 turnstiles. In the St. Petersburg subway system operates the linear train system with 7 interchange stations.

From 05:30 – 00:50
In addition to the metro, the main transport in the city are route taxi-buses ("marshrootka"). Route taxis can be distinguished from ordinary buses in small sizes and the letter "K" in front of the number.
Please note that marshrootka (for example, "K10") and buses (just "10") with the same numbers go on completely different routes, be careful. – Reference site about route taxi-buses of St. Petersburg.
St. Petersburg is the world famous "city on the Neva". It is characterized by a subhumid climate, changing from continental to marine. According to statistics, in St. Petersburg for the whole year there are only 72 sunny days.
After the white nights' period the best time to visit St. Petersburg is September and early October. The weather is mild, it smells the sea and fading leaves in the air. The crowds of tourists have left the city. The theaters came back from a tours. And you could see the city and the palaces gardens in all the splendor.