• Lectures from Russia, Austria, German, France and Lithuania will participate in seminar. The program will concentrate on the problems of severe bleeding, condition of hemostasis system, POC - diagnostic, methods and areas of hemostasis, transfusion therapy and patient blood management; the auditors will participate in discussion "severe bleeding and massive transfusion: proving" & in workshop "point of care testing"
  • The seminar carry out on Russian and English (predominately), so require a minimal knowledge of English (participants shout listening more or less, understand, and speak a little)
Focus on Perioperative Bleeding Management / Patient Blood Management
October 06th, 2018
Russian national association of thrombosis and hemostasis & Donau University krems
Joint educational seminar
  • The seminar are for anesthesiologists, transfusiologists, hematologists, surgeons, pediatricians, lab specialists and other, but don't restrict only this specializations.
  • The group of auditors will be not more then 30 persons; the groups will be form by decision of Austrians and Russian organizers.
  • In the groups of auditors will be include participations of COITH Congress 2018 only, who paid the registration fee. Also, participants can choose "one-day participate" till August 30th
  • For personal participation the questionnaire should be filled The instruction based at the beginning of the questionnaire file
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