As organizing team of the Joint Meeting of Congress on Open Issues on Hemostasis and Thrombosis – 2018 together with the 9th Russian Conference on Clinical Hemostaseology and Hemorheology we invite leading speakers and ask them to tell us about specifics of this meeting, its scientific program and their presentations.

Professor of Hematology, The Lester Stromer Coagulation Unit, Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center, David Varon tells us about his presentations during the Congress.
David Varon's brief overview on his presentations at the Joint International Meeting "COITH-2018 together with 9th Russian Conference on Clinical Hemostasiology and Hemorheolog"
I have two presentations projected. The first one would be the overview historical overview on ITP, Immune thrombocytopenic purpura. We will discuss the history of the diagnostics advancements as well as the therapeutic new approaches that are emerging in the field Including new therapies because we now know much better about new mechanism of platelet distractions in ITP and new evidence suggests that they are not all the same. In particular I will be discussing new treatment modalities including the recent development of thrombopoietic mimetics (TPOs). So the treatment and the diagnostic procedures should follow these new findings and I will be discussing all of these issues regarding immune thrombocytopenic purpura.

The second topic which I will be discussing would be about the role of platelets micro particles in three different areas of biomedical field. The first would be their role in inflammatory responses. This small particles of platelets that are shade from platelets upon activation and apoptosis are central players in inflammatory processes. They also take a very central role in tissue regeneration. And in particularly angiogenesis responses as so micro particles are essential for the response after injury in different tissues. And last, but not least, this microparticles are also very important player in cancer progression and metastasis because there are quite similar features of tissue regeneration and metastasis.